Curiosity Learning Ltd

The Black Barn   Wickhurst Farm   Leigh  Kent  TN11 8PS

T: 01732 667669


Founded as a sister company to What On Earth Publishing by world renown history author Christopher Lloyd and celebrated educator John Gordon-Reid, Curiosity was created to offer children an engaging and exciting way to discover and approach a broad, rich curriculum based upon their own personal interests.

Curiosity is much more than a ‘digital platform’ as it promotes and develops the full spectrum of skills that children will need as they progress through school and on into the rapidly changing wide world. The on-line activity is essential, particularly as this is how children track and plan their journeys and select their Challenges, but the off-line activity is equally as important. This is reinforced through the one-to-one tutorials which are a marvellous opportunity for practicing and polishing skills that will have lasting value and will help encourage a lifelong love of learning.