Curiosity is all about a journey. Using a 3000 year specially constructed timeline you will hop between our six coloured journey lines (History, Science, Nature, Culture, Rights and Sport) and drop into Decade stops. Within the decade there are a number of Topics and within the Topics there are a number of Challenges. Choose one, complete it in any way that you feel is appropriate and then send it in for assessment.

You will then have the opportunity to discuss your work in detail with a Curiosity Assessor during a one to one session. This is done by a video call. Once assessed you will be given a thumbs up and then be able to carry on along your journey to the next decade where you can choose a new Challenge.


When you join us, you will receive a unique login and password that enables you to to track and plan your journey through your own on-line dashboard. Click the link above to see more detail.

Curiosity is used by hundreds of school children both as part of their weekly timetable, for homework, for after school clubs and as enrichment activities.

Work at your own pace, in a way that you feel is appropriate and enjoy choosing subjects and topics that you find engaging. Do your research and then complete and deliver the Challenge for assessment any way that you want.

The key questions for any Curiosity voyager are:“Are you proud of what you have done?” and“Have you given this Challenge your very best  effort?”

“The creativity and individuality of the challenges has totally inspired the children…they will also acquire lifelong skills, knowledge and, most importantly, have a lot of fun at the same time.    Head Librarian, Bishop Stortford College”