Welcome to GoCuriosity    As used by some of the leading schools in England

Your personal journey through the history of the world includes individual 1to1 assessments with Curiosity Coaches and also video tutorial sessions.

Age  9 – 14?

Join us for your own unique 3000 year journey

Choose your own route and navigate by selecting and completing an unlimited number of Challenges. Whatever your interests, whatever your likes there is something for you in Curiosity; from the library of Challenges you might have a go at movies or mind maps, model making, diaries, debates or experiments. Be as creative as you like!

Each Challenge is built around three of seven important lifeskills: Literacy, Numeracy, Communication, Visualisation, Experimentation, Memory and Research.

Make full use of all of your skills and talents.      Try new ideas, discover new abilities and techniques.          Challenge yourself to see what you are capable of.

Choose wisely; there are over 29,000,000,000 possible routes through the timeline!!

“For me, Curiosity has been amazing. It has allowed me to present my talents and skills, allowed me to show how competitive I am, allowed me to try out new things and improve my research skills and most importantly has taught me some awesome facts”      Asiba. Y8 pupil.